Corsica is one of the Mediterranean most precious jewels but also one of its best kept secrets. Far from being as developed with touristic infrastructure as its Mediterranean counterparts, the island boasts a stunning, incredibly well preserved, unspoilt natural environment. With a coastline stretching over 1000 km, Corsica features some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Expect a perfect backdrop: stretch of white sand, turquoise crystal clear water, lush vegetation... and not a living soul around if you know how to choose the right spot. Most of the year, charming hidden creeks and picturesque stretches of white sand are completely deserted. It is so rare to come across such a pristine and beautiful nature that this reason alone should have you give a go to Corsica!


Palombaggia Beach, Corsica

Palombaggia Beach – Corsica

Just like its famous counterpart Santa Giulia, Palombaggia Beach ranks among Corsica’s most popular beaches. A protected nature site, the long stretch of white sand draws each…

Ostriconi Beach, Corsica

Ostriconi Beach – Corsica

Wild and beautiful, Ostriconi Beach lies at the edge of the Agriates Desert, in northwestern Corsica. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, the beach…

Bodri Beach Featured

Bodri Beach – Corsica

Bodri Beach is one of those Mediterranean havens where wild coastline meets turquoise sea to reveal an incredible pristine natural beauty, all to our…