Palombaggia Beach – Corsica

[ngslideshow=4] Just like its famous counterpart Santa Giulia, Palombaggia Beach ranks among Corsica’s most popular beaches. A protected nature site, the long stretch of white sand draws each summer a fair amount of visitors eager to experience its stunning natural beauty and unique atmosphere. Palombaggia Beach travel guide + best beaches in Corsica              … more

Ostriconi Beach – Corsica

[ngslideshow=3] Wild and beautiful, Ostriconi Beach lies at the edge of the Agriates Desert, in northwestern Corsica. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, the beach is a haven of peace and tranquility that delights locals and visitors alike. Ostriconi Beach somehow allows visitors to escape from the tourists traps and immerse themselves in the true […]

[ngslideshow=6] Bodri Beach is one of those Mediterranean havens where wild coastline meets turquoise sea to reveal an incredible pristine natural beauty, all to our very own enjoyment. Here clean white sand dips in the crystal clear azure waters, resulting in a breathtaking palette of colors. Bodri Beach is just another jewel found along Corsica‘s shore. […]

Santa Giulia Beach – Corsica

[ngslideshow=5] Santa Giulia Beach is one of the most popular beaches in southern Corsica and may well be the most famous beach of the whole island. The gulf of Santa Giulia boasts a stunning natural setting with all the facilities visitors may hope for. A vast array of accommodations, restaurants and activities are on offer […]